Scott Erickson, a musician based out of Danville, Pennsylvania, has been performing professionally since the age of 21. Since then, Scott has built up a reputation as one Northeast/Central Pennsylvania’s premiere Performers. As a solo artist, he has opened for The Bacon Brothers (actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael), classic rock icons, Blue Oyster Cult, and comedians "Big" Jay Oakerson, Tom Rhodes, and the legendary Gilbert Gottfried. He has also performed with former Paul McCartney sideman Robbie McIntosh, and Hamish Stuart (who has also worked Ringo Starr), Country Music superstar Keith Urban, and most recently jammed with legendary rock & roll band, The Smithereens.

During this time, he’s also been a member of several bands: The Rumble Cats, and Circle Sky (which played in Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago, from the summer of 1994 until the winter of 1996). In the fall of 1998, the band reunited under the name The Impossibles and opened for Gary Lewis & The Playboys and Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon. He was one of the founding members (as bassist and occasional lead vocalist) of one of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania’s favorite bands, The Aardvarks from their earliest incarnations in late 2002, until January of 2004. He was featured vocally, as well as on lead, rhythm, acoustic, electric & bass guitars in perennial Lehigh Valley favorites, Redz Vision, as well as a member of The Infamous Hogleg Boys. 

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Scott is a veteran performer who really knows how to keep an audience entertained. A "Power Solo", Scott performs primarily with just his voice and acoustic guitars, but also includes pre-programmed music for some songs. This allows him to have the sound and feel of a full band, but without the volume (and ego) problems that comes with being in one. “By adding the 'electric element' into the show,” Scott says, “I feel that I've become an infinitely more versatile performer, with new and more interesting ways to keep my audiences entertained. After all, they are why I keep doing this.”

After the better part of 20 years of performing, it shows that Scott still loves what he does. Now, he’s ready to take his show on the road and play for as many new audiences, in as many new areas around the country as possible. He freely & proudly admits, ’’Without my audience, I am nothing at all. I sincerely thank them, and I am eternally in their debt.’’.

Leave your preconceived notions about solo performers behind, and go see Scott for yourself. Once you do, you'll have no doubt why he says: 

...A splendid time is guaranteed for all!