Alvarez Guitars

I am absolutely in love with my new AGW77CEAR from Alvarez Guitars

In all the years I've been playing, I've NEVER had a guitar that felt like a direct extension of my hands the way this one does.  I will NEVER play another show without this one.  And to think, I won it in their monthly giveaway. (For the record, I've purchased 4 Alvarez guitars in the past 3 years.)


D’Addario Strings

I’m proud to use D’Addario Strings.


The Fest for Beatles Fans

I perform at the Fest for Beatles Fans in New York and Chicago each year.


Melissa L Brumm

Designer of this site and fellow musician Melissa L Brumm. Check her site out if you need a website.


Greg Howe

My good friend and mentor, guitar virtuoso Greg Howe’s website.

Richard Buskin

Author, Beatles expert, Historian. Co-Host of “The Beatles Naked” podcast, and good friend